Not in vain

If you can get an equalizer with 10 men,
If you can take the shot and forget your pain,
not all you went through was in vain,
If you can use the ground to your advantage in the hard rain,
If you can take a hit and smile back,
If you can be the one that leads the pack,
If you can keep your head cool,
while everyone is about to lose theirs.
Become the best out of those that came first,
Not all you went through was in vain,

If you can take defeat on the chin,
If you can celebrate without hurting a feeling,
If you can respond to the singing of the crowd,
If you can give them something to celebrate..
That’s what is all about,
If you can go that extra sprint, that jump, that save,
If you can keep your feet in the ground,
But strike in a flying path,
If you can make the sacred place roar,
and make the ground tremble in furor,
Then I can really tell you that..not all you went through…was in vain..

Written by Luis Limon

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