Love Poems


Dear Ernest,

We dedicate this to you

The love joy brings 

is always unveiled 

every time we build 

quality relationships with the gifts

Love gives to us.

The pain love leaves is always felt

when we loose the presence 

of the ones we’ve grown to love 

and called love.

But, no one ever dies!

We all live forever.

When we’re no more 

on planet earth,

We live in the hearts of the ones

of the ones that love us forever.

Love bonds!

Even though the one you love

Shatter your heart

to a million pieces when they leave 

Planet earth.

With no goodbye or plan to come back.

Their love bonds!

The memory of your beloved 

breathes in your heart 

every time you breathe.

Just breathe in.

feel it and say Love wins!

That’s the bond that binds you 

with your loved one.

The one you love

Will find their way to you

Every time you speak love.

The one you love

Will always visit you

Every time you show love.

The one you love 

will find their way to speak 

Every time you choose to give love.

Think no more of loss

Think more of love

Love wins! Not death.

The one you love has found 

a space to live in the 

most beautiful part of 

your heart forever.

Think no more of loss,

Just breathe in…

Feel it and say Love wins!

Love won!

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