Birthday Poem

Happy Birthday – The Lovely Trio

Happy Birthday my lovely trio

Mum is the available one.

You’ve always been available for me

and everyone.

Thank you for always been there

In good times and bad,

In sunshine and rain.

You’ve taught me life’s best values in love.

You listened to me to understand

what no one else could understand

Thank you Mum and

 Happy Birthday to you.

Dad – Dad is the wise one

You’ve always spoken wise words to me

that has shaped my world.

Thank you for never holding back the truth

from me and everyone.

You’ve showed me how to be a man,

You showed me how to understand the things  people do.

You showed me how to love God above all.

Thank you Dad and Happy Birthday to you.

My Brother- You are more to everyone

who calls you brother.

Your life is a shinning example to me

and many.

I call you my mentor secretly

You might never believe it .

You play your role as a hero

and nations will soon see.

Happy birthday to you

and thank you for being you.

This is from me to my lovely Trio

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