Birthday Poem

Happy Birthday Mummy Zibah

Happy Birthday Mummy,
We celebrate you today specially because it’s your birthday.
You are a blessed woman and we see God’s blessings all around you everyday.

Your heart is pure and your blood, full of love.
We want to write you a billion poems and sing you a trillion songs.
But our voices are too far right now to reach your place.

This is our special prayer for you this year..
Every ground you walk upon will bring you blessings and happiness.
Every thing you touch will yield with great increase.
Every place you go will become a happy place.

Thank you for giving us so much of you!
We have a lot more to say about you
but for now we will end this poem with a very big hug and warm smile.
Happy Birthday Mummy
We love you and we wish you a wonderful Birthday.

From Inioluwa and Temiloluwa

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