Birthday Poem

Happy Birthday Bewaji

Happy birthday beautiful sis!

It’s your special year
That’s why I’m doing this.
You go all out
to work out things.
You make me wonder
how effortless generosity
can be.
You task everyone
to guard your loved ones
When I demand too much,
You teach me generosity
and how it’s been done in ease.
Poetry is not my thing,
but your love made me do this!
Happy birthday beautiful  sis!
Your best is yet to be seen!
You’ve been nothing
but good to me.
Your years will be crowned
With joy and beautiful things!
Your lot is maintained
and your path is lit with light
for the whole world to see.
Happy birthday beautiful sis!
My heart told me to do this!
🙂  🙂  🙂

Olusegun G.

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