Inspirational Poems

Daily Life

Life is a mystery.

Only the author of life

Can describe and define it.

Life is full of mysteries.

Everyday has its ups and downs

It seems as if each day is 

programmed for it.

There are times 

when life feels overwhelming 

with pressures from everything 

that seems to be giving meaning.

There are seasons 

when life is full of beautiful scenes

and days when love penetrates

As if it will never leave.

There are days when 

the thoughts of loss 

grips the theme of life so deep

And nothing feels so good

Except anguish and complaining.

There are times when 

Every day keeps moving in cycles

No progress, no excitement 

It’s just the same thing happening to life.

Life is a mystery

Only the author of life

Gives it meaning and prescribes

a solution to the troubles scheduled to happen daily.

Life is full of mysteries.

Only the controller of life

Gives the ability to access 

the treasures that’s locked up in life daily.

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