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Brand of the Week – Targeted Motivational Engagement

The brand Targeted Motivational Engagement (TME) is not the everyday brand you all are familiar with.  TME was founded by Steven Gowin as a consultancy agency on the belief that you can overcome any obstacle as long as you “don’t let your mind override your heart.”

Steve Gowin throughout his years of experience working with individuals of all ages as a law enforcement officer, has seen time and time again those who lack the confidence and motivation to achieve a better life because they allow what has been told to them, or what they think hold them back, ignoring the drive that is in their heart.

Steve understands that each individual is different and has different objectives they want to achieve.  He uses a very simplistic and direct approach to help individuals achieve their goals.  Steve’s experiences as a member of highly skilled team, as well as his participation in individual and team competitions, give him a dynamic edge in applying these ideals to sports teams and business groups.

The slangs used at TME includes,

“don’t let your heart override your heart”

“Let your actions show your intent”

” Strong girls win”


We are in love with the TME brand because they represent the core of what Brand Poetry is and they also speak to a unique audience like Maidenblue’s. We create to inspire.

Look out for our next posts as we bring you motivational and inspirational poems with these brand slangs.


Happy Monday!!!!


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