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Brand of the week- Infocus

Brand Poetry is a section of La-maidenblue poetry that inspires her audience with the slogans of great brands. We bring you their story and help you see what they are saying with the different words they are communicating.

This week, we are inspired by Infocus.

InFocus Corporation is a privately owned company based in the state of Oregon. The corporation formed by Steve Hix and Paul Gulick in 1986. InFocus was With Planar Systems and Clarity Visual Systems, it is one of three companies in the computer display industry started by people who formerly worked for Tektronix.

 Infocus develops, manufactures, and distributes DLP and LCD projectors and accessories as well as large-format touch displays, software, LED televisions, tablets and smartphones. InFocus also offers video calling services. Formerly a NASDAQ listed public company, InFocus was purchased by Image Holdings Corp., owned by John Hui, in 2009 and is now a wholly owned subsidiary headquartered in Tigard, Oregon.

The brand slogan “the big picture” is a word everyone should think about carefully.


Check back to read the inspirational poems we bring you with the infocus brand slogan. While you wait, think about the Big Picture!!!!

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