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Brand of the week – Emirates

Emirates is an airline based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates- a subsidiary of The Emirates Group, which is wholly owned by the government of Dubai’s Investment Corporation of Dubai. It is the largest airline in the Middle East, operating over 3,600 flights per week from its hub at Dubai International Airport, to more than 140 cities in 81 countries across six continents.

In the 1990s, Emirates launched its first set of commercials with the slogan So be good to yourself, Fly Emirates. In 1999, they launched a very rare A330-200 launch commercial with different pictures showing their aircraft with the original logo and the current logo (which was launched a few months before).

There had not been any new commercials until 2004, when the airline changed its slogan to Fly Emirates. Keep Discovering. In 2008, Emirates launched a slogan mainly revolving around their route network of 100 destinations in 59+ countries across six continents – Fly Emirates. Keep Discovering and Fly Emirates. To over Six Continents. Most recently Emirates launched a campaign to promote Dubai as a destination using the slogan Fly Emirates. Meet Dubai. As of 2012, Emirates currently uses the slogan Hello Tomorrow.

The airline’s new official slogan “Hello Tomorrow” is about inspiring people to greet tomorrow’s unlimited potential now. Hello is a greeting, an invitation to a person, a place, or an experience. Tomorrow is a time, a place, a state of mind- the unlimited possibility of the future. The theme encapsulates life’s potential by embracing the future with all its possibilities.

This week we bring you inspiring poems with the brand slogan of Emirates airline and we do hope it sets you to be all that you have to be.

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Content Source: Wikipedia & Leadership Dubai Style  by Dr. Tommy Weir

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