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Brand of the Week – Darling

Darling is our brand for the week and they inspire us with their brand slogan – Find your beautiful


The Darling business was founded in 1979 by Saadallah Khalil and his uncle, Ali Hoballah. They started by trading in basic synthetic fibres used for braiding in Senegal in West Africa. Over the years, they expanded the brand and business to other countries in West Africa like Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon. Very early, they established a partnership with Kaneka Corporation of Japan to introduce high quality fibres that could be used to manufacture a full array of hair extension products. Each of these countries saw a business being built from scratch, covering manufacturing, distribution and marketing. By the early 2000s, Darling became the market leader in hair extension products in Africa, with a comprehensive presence across West, East and South Africa.


Darling believes that every African woman should be the best that she can be. Her  hair should not be a barrier to her success. Looking like a fashionable trendsetter, while switching between so many roles should be made easy and great for an everyday woman.

An African woman’s hair is beautiful and has a unique texture. Keeping this in mind, they design unique range of hair extensions, add-ons and hair styling products for . Darling is present in 21 countries across Africa and has over 30 years of experience and expertise in the field of hair. Darling brand caters to over 150 million women across the continent and stands for beauty and an enabler of transformation for every African woman.

We hope their story inspires you this week as we bring you inspiration poems with their brand slogan – Find your beautiful

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