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Brand of the week – Apple

Apple is our Brand for the week. We are inspired with their different  brand slogans.

“Think Different”


Apple was founded on April fools day in 1976. It’s first office was Steve Jobs’ parents’ garage: and it’s first products were humble. Over the years, Apple has succeeded in making use of different brand slogans that promotes the brand and inspires their users. In fact, one of the secrets of capturing the hearts of your audience or market is to Give them the reminders they crave.

Steve Jobs was obsessed with poets, and he and Woz both drew inspiration from one of the best, Bob Dylan. Any great folklorist will tell you that Apple’s origins met the primary criteria for future exaltation. They were humble, poor, and hard working. From those origins, Apple has grown to a global behemoth with over $269 billion dollars in the bank. One of the (many) things that helped Apple get to where it is today is a mastery of advertising.

Apple introduced the first Macintosh during the Super Bowl with a vision inspired by George Orwell’s 1984. The Apple team hired Ridley Scott to direct this TV spot. At the time, the board of directors hated it. But it sold 72,000 computers in 100 days.

This marks the year that Steve Jobs returned, and Apple ramped up it’s battle against IBM. IBM announced a “Think” slogan. So Apple announced their “Think Different” campaign. This is perhaps the most successful advertising campaign of all time. It is audacious, and perhaps preposterous, placing great minds and achievers next to the Apple logo. Some of the people and images Apple featured in the campaign included:Albert Einstein, Muhammad Ali, Gandhi, Bob Dylan, and Amelia Earheart.


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