Adieu Mama Benin

Mama Benin once lived here

here on planet earth.

She paid her bills

and gave care


She was a grand mother

and she got to see her grand child’s daughter

she was a sweet sister and an amazing mother


She left with no goodbyes whatsoever

She left us without bidding us farewell.


Mama Benin once lived here

She lived here on planet earth.

She lived quite far

but she was always near

She sends her love

and makes sure it gets to everyone

She only left without a call

A call to say she’ll be no more.


We know the hearts we love

never dies.

They are always up there

like starts in the sky.

We only wish we get to see them again

To hug and bade our goodbye.

Adieu mama benin.

Sleep well in the bosom of the greatest king.


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